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Bathroom remodeling design guide

Homeowners often need bathroom remodeling design guide based on their budget. So, today I will share two guides based on low and high budget. Here is what you can do to bring some changes in your bathroom design.

Low-Budget remodeling: It simply means making small changes. For example, you can change bathroom mirror, hardware and racks. Buying extra towels with different colors is a good addition as well. Fresh paint coat is another change which doesn’t require much money. Consider expanding your bathroom storage space, if you need a clean chic look.

High-Budget Bathroom remodeling design guide: If you have enough money to spend on remodeling then you can make some great changes. Here is what you can do.

  • If you have traditional bathtub then replace it with trendy bathroom shower.
  • Compact Bathroom vanities and sink can make a big difference.
  • Pick beautiful tile designs and texture for floor and walls.
  • Change bathroom wall cabinets designs and colors.
  • Replace old toilet seat with a new one.

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