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Looking for best home theater design inspiration because you are working on a person project of decorating the home cinema? Well look no more anywhere else,you can get good ideas from my collection because I have collected them very carefully. Not only are these designs very luxurious and beautiful but also very helpful to you in case you want to keep the design of the home cinema in line with the modern interior which is being done these days.
Reviewing the best home theater design inspirations I have noticed a couple of things:
Now fancy ceiling and wall lights are very much in trend especially when it comes to decorating the cinema's atmosphere.
To create special feel and aura in the theater room, the carpets are used on the floor, the color of the carpet does not have to be red, it can be anything matching the walls and the ceilings.
Lastly, to project the movie there must be full sized screen,not as big as the real cinema screen, but something close to it, to provide maximum fun experience to the people wanting to watch the movie.

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