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Decorating Handicap bathroom design

Outfitting and decorating handicap bathroom designs are not easy these days. Depending on the physical disability of the person you need to add more and more safety features in the bathroom so it can become a safe place.
Area of the entry
The first thing you need to consider is the size of the bathroom. If the person is confined to a wheelchair, the area of the bathroom must be big enough so the person can move the chair easily here and here without needing the help of anyone.
Portable chair or folding chair in the shower
Design an open style shower along with a safety chair on which the handicap person can sit down during the shower or he can simply adjust the height of the chair according to the height. The best way to place a chair in the shower is the wall against the shower area, just install one folding chair against it.
Safety bars all around
There should be safety bars all over the place, neat the toilet area, in the bath tub and near the shower area so the disable person can hold it for supporting the body.
Toilet aids for help
Toilet aids come handy for the disabled person. The handicap bathroom design must have toilet aids in the area for the person.

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