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What is the purpose of dining room extendable tables designs and what are they useful for? Due to inflation and rising economic recession, almost all homeowners are facing financial constraints and shortcomings, it is not possible for many middle class people to buy a condo style home. Majority of people live in small two or three bedroom apartment where the dining room is usually connected to the living area or else the kitchen area. Open style rooms are being designed as well for improving the air circulation in the apartment setting as well. Given the present case scenario, one thing is certain and that's there is no way you can arrange a giant sized table with twenty chairs.These are convertible furniture is very much in trend because it really helps saving the space, it coverts into bed, sofa or the seater, serving the purpose it is designed for. The same way for dining areas, there are dining room extendable tables designs which are making a big buzz. The tables can be folded and unfolded as and when needed. In other words, the extra leaf attached to the table can be folded up when you intend to serve food to additional people such as guests and friends, the leaf can be folded down when not in use, thus it saves good space.

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