Doing interior design for new home

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Have a dream of doing interior design for new home? Cannot decide where to start and what to do? You can do it and here is how.
First I recommend you to put everything into writing, you cannot design the entire home in one day or two, it is a quite time consuming work, it may take weeks or months or even years to get a perfect home interior. Keep patience and make a plan first.
Now consider picking a theme first for the interior that includes good color combination either one paint color should be chosen for the entire home or combination of two to be chosen, sometimes you need to think more about the wall cladding and textures when you choose a theme.
After choosing the theme you need to think about the furniture items that should be purchased for covering the areas.
The curtain designs are also chosen according to the wall color schemes and the overall interior so this should be done in the last.
Let me share some good inspirations that can help you with interior design for new home.

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