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Luckily, now the internet is a jam packed of home interior wall design ideas, if you have never chosen the scheme ever before for your home then chances are now you can choose a scheme very easily.
These days the colour contrasts are in trend, a combination of two paint colour works better than a single tone paint because it does not create any effect.
Sometimes the homeowners choose black paint colour without considering the side effects it has. Well when you are to choose a particular scheme always invest sometime in reading the nature and the effect of a particular paint colour. The black is naturally sad colour, it is very depressing as well because you cannot make it bright no matter what you do. Unless you want to create a very freaky and horrifying interior you should stay away from this colour.
There are better home interior wall design ideas with better schemes. For examples if you intend to create some nice patterns on the walls you can do it by using wall paper designs, wall stickers or simply some wall appliques.

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