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One of the most commonly asked question is what are model homes interiors and how can they be helpful to someone in real time home decoration  project.The answer is that Model homes interiors are basically a virtual rendering of basic building structure which may has three rooms, four rooms and even more, sometimes, the 3d rendered models contain a lot of details to help the homeowners decide on a specific type of design for example:

A virtual 3d house plan may include:

A complete structure of the building in a 3d or 2d presentation.

A complete detailed overview of the exteriors including garden, patio walkways, outdoor  kitchen design, lawn and sun room. When we say a complete overview it usually means all the furniture items are also arranged to create a perfect 3d model of the home design.

Moreover, a 3d house design model may  show you the location of the rooms, location of bathroom and the master suites.

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