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My personal Ideas for Decorating My living room

So what are my personal ideas for decorating my living room? I have too many ideas to share with you, do not worry my ideas are easy to follow and easy to understand.
I usually make the use of portable living room furniture because the space I have is already has too much in it for instance a big faux leather sofa set, a big cocktail table in the middle and a small shelf where I place some decorative items such as wall clocks, photo frames and books. I use portable living room furniture because I can keep them where ever I want once they do what they are designed for. I use a portable three tiered trolley for serving meals to the guest since I do not have a dining table, I just take the trolley to the kitchen and arrange all items related to cutlery and food and then serve my guests. When I am done I just fold the legs of the trolley and put it back in the store room.
There ar more of decorating ideas for the living room that you should check I hope you will find them helpful.

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