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Open shower bathroom design ideas

Open shower bathroom designs ideas are varied. You might be thinking now why to have an open style shower while the luxury style bathrooms are designed with expensive doors covering the shower area. The answer is that the design of the bathroom depends on the personal choice and preference.
Here are some features of open shower bathroom designs that you will be making the most of.
Wide and airy space
Since there are not many doors installed inside the bathrooms such as sliding glass door, wooden door or single glass door, the bathroom area looks very spacious. The area with less interior features always looks less congested and more airy, thus it will have more air consequently to improve the ambiance of the bathroom.
Clean bathroom interior
Since there are not complicated cabins in the bathroom, the interior will turn out to be neater in look compared to an ordinary modern style bathroom. Chances are the space will offer opportunity for the decoration and interior when there is not much inside.
More storage space
You can use the space of the bathroom the way you want. You can improve the interior by installing more storage bathroom cabinets inside it, how about placing the corner racks for the accessories. You will have more ways to manage the interior inside when you install an open style shower system.

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