Painting ideas for home interiors

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Looking for warm painting ideas for home interiors? You have just moved to your new home and everything seems to be perfect. You had been saving money to buy your dream home for years but for years you could not do it and now finally your dream  has come true and you are happy about it.

Choosing the right color scheme is very important to add some life to the interior. Without good colors on the walls and in form of accessories, your home is nothing but just an ordinary place. So what type of colour schemes are to be chosen for the home? There are many.

Pick one plain color from the family of white, it can be cream, white, off white or mild cream. The white colors makes for the peaceful interior.

Pick a color combination of two shades which are opposite on the color wheel, the white can be contrasted with the black color on the color wheel.

Pick Neutral colors, they are the best, they will not make you feel of your interior at all. There are now even more advanc

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