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Having reviewed and collected many awesome sea container home design ideas and tricks I began to question myself what else can we not do with a box style, small spaced, home these days? We can turn a container into a fully functional and eco friendly house and spend quality time there on a small budget. The first piece of advice I would like to offer you is that do not try to make compartments within the compartment, which means that there should be not be a lot of divisions in forms of rooms and sub-rooms into a container home it will make the area very congested and very less airy. Try to find out the ways to push more air through the air by removing the walls and divider. There should be not be any kind of walls to be built in there except for separating and covering the bathroom and spa area. There are ways that you can build pools and fireplace within the small boxed lifestyle,for you should review these sea container home design ideas which are simply awesome and inspirational.

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