Theme of Spanish home interior design

Spanish Home Interior Design With Good Spanish Home Interior Design Inspiring Exemplary Spanish Trend

Spanish home interior design is very famous these days because the interior based on this theme always turns out to be bright,vibrant and special. The arising question is how the interior based on Spanish design is very different. The answer calls for a big debate though, I would just break down the information into few sentences. Spanish home interior design is originated from Mediterranean Spain , it is known for big gates that open to the garden. It is known for ample oxygen and lighting in all areas of the homes, including the bedroom where the lighting options are kept to the minimum. The styles of the windows and the doors also make this interior somewhat different,instead of flat design, the windows are designed in arch style. The doors may be kept simple but often times are covered with artwork in the simplest form. As for the color combination in the interior, I would say Spanish themes are seen to be using more of earthly tones colors such as greys and browns.Check some ideas to understand how any interior based on Spanish decor is a lot different than the one based on American decor.

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