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Stone tile bathroom design with interior is becoming very popular. Homeowners always prefer them over other kinds of tiles because stone tiles are timeless and they look great all the time. Durability is another feature which increases its value. When it comes to the selection of tile stone for bathroom then you have three options such as Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic, depending on the rock from where this stone comes.

Marble stone tiles are normally used in luxury apartment, five star hotels and hospitals. They are installed in those places when cleanliness is a primary issue. Therefore, they offer subtle look and appeal all the time. Marble that is installed for home come in different gray and brown shades. Gray shade marble is commonly used in bathroom because it is easy to clean. Even when marble is dirty, it doesn't show dust and dirt. Browna or brown marble is costly and usually installed in luxury apartments and homes. Have a look at wonderful collection of Tile Bathroom design with interior.

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