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How to design a small bathroom easily

How to design a small bathroom easily and artistically without breaking the budget and at the same time keeping on the modern interior elements intact which are in trend. What type of modern elements are we referring to? We are talking about the style of the vanities which are making a big buzz, and we are talking about the cabinets which are in trends.Even a small bath room area can be adorned wonderfully by following some simple designing hacks.The first thing I recommend you is that you refrain from using too much of intense colors in the small spaced bath interiors because they will make it look like more congested and more crowded. The colors are life though sometimes some colors such as black, blue and dark gray make the areas to appear very narrow and reduced in size, to avoid this, you should pic the lightest color schemes for the walls .Moreover,try to use more of the wall mirrors to create an illusion of a wide space, there are more things you need to learn as how to design a small bathroom easily, I am sharing some cool ideas based on the works of the pro and experienced interior designers,have a look at these inspirations.

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