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Ideas for interior design for my home

A simple question I have been asked many times is what are my ideas for interior designs for my home and how do I pick color combinations for exterior and interior? Here are my tips on how to give a wonderful makeover to the place that you call ‘sweet home.”
First of all, I would like to mention that the color combinations for the exterior walls and windows need to be chosen according to the weather conditions of the area where you dwell on. Warm and sunny colors look lovely for the homes of the areas where the exterior receives the sunlight in abudence during the day light, on the contrasty, cool, fascinating and colorful combinatons works for the exterior if the weather is usually cold or moderate in temperature in the area and so on.It’s all the matter of time that you will learn that colors do make a big wonder in making an impression.
As for the interior, I would say that it is a kind of slow job to do, you cannot do everything all at once without having a plan. Even though there is some money on the job which you can spend to buy good items for the decoration, you should step back and take your time, do not rush yourself into making the decisions. The designs and decorations would take some time and good deal of meditations, so relax and review some ideas for interior designs for my home and some ideas of designers, take one step each day and let the decoration be slow and beautiful.

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