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Italian design bathroom ideas

There is a wide variety of bathroom themes to choose from such as classic, minimalist, italian, traditional and contemporary. If you look close into Italian design bathroom ideas then one thing you notice is the color combination. You never find anything vibrant or bright. In contemporary bathroom design, you have enough colors options to choose from but italian bathroom limits you to soft colors.

  • Creamy brown and peach is very common color combination. The main idea of italian theme is to keep bathroom look graceful and a bit luxurious. It means whatever you pick forĀ  your bathroom space must have an element of style and grace into it; otherwise such item would spoil them overall theme in no time.
  • Bathroom tile can have light base color but its veining should be dark. You can pick italian famous tiles Carrara for this purpose as they are not only durable but also super attractive.
  • Adding furniture into your bathroom is another thing you shouldn’t miss, as it is an important element of almost all Italian design bathroom ideas. This bathroom needs decor accessorizes and sophisticated light fixtures as well.

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