Traditional Bathroom Design Ideas For Exemplary Traditional Bathroom Designs To Give Royal Fresh

Simple and traditional bathroom design ideas

In this digital age, when many people are using social media and smartphone. There are many people who still want to stick with Simple and traditional bathroom design ideas. They have their own reasons to pick such designs. So, if you also need traditional bathroom designs then you can find a good collection of ideas here. In addition, you need following things to set traditional bathroom theme.


  • Marble counter-tops as they are timeless and bring beauty look all the time.
  • Furniture-like cabinet. You need antique style furniture for your classic theme bathroom.
  • You also need to add some extra details for example Crown Molding, Chair Molding and finely crafted woodwork.This might cost you a little extra money but the end result would be mind blowing
  • You can either opt for stone or tiles when it comes to selection of traditional bathroom flooring.
  • ┬áThere must be beautiful window treatments. Shutters look great but you can go with shades as well.
  • You need Brass or shiny metal accents for your towel rings and faucets.

Have a look at pictures of Simple and traditional bathroom design ideas.


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