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Simply design a bathroom vanity with Five steps

Bathroom vanity is an important element in overall bathroom design. There are many people who like to know how to simply design a bathroom vanity. So, I am going to share a five step guide for them.

  1. Decide proper layout: It means you need to pick a specific layout for your bathroom vanity. You can go with either horizontal or l-shape vanity. first option brings efficient storage space with cabinets.
  2. Take decision about sink: Many homeowners prefer to have double sinks as they look elegant. But when space is limited you need to stick with one sink design.
  3. Pick your favorite stye: A vanity is available in the wide variety of style such as antique, traditional, contemporary, pedestal,etc. Select one you like.
  4. Select Countertops: You definitely have to choose from a wide variety of materials for your countertops. Here are some options available : granite, quartz, marble, laminate, concrete, wood and solid surface. Pick one that compliment with your style.
  5. Decide About Fixtures: As you know how to Simply design a bathroom vanity. The last step would be to select those fixtures which compliment your bathroom vanity. It means you need faucets, wall mirror, mirror frame and lighting.

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